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Cross Roller Type CE Small Slewing Bearing With External Gear

Cross Roller Type CE Small Slewing Bearing With External Gear

  • High Light

    cross roller small slewing bearing


    CE small slewing bearing


    slewing bearing with external gear

  • Material
    Bearing Steel
  • Roller Type
    Crowned Raceway
  • Sealing Gland
    Sealed On Both Sides
  • Type
    Internal Gear
  • Eat Treatment
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden Box
  • Delivery Time
    10-15 working days after confirmed order or as per order quantity
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability

Cross Roller Type CE Small Slewing Bearing With External Gear

Slewing Bearing Cross Roller Type With External Gear

1.As the most flexible key rotating component of construction machinery, slewing bearing has a broad market application prospect. The effective forms of slewing bearings mainly include raceway wear, tooth surface wear, rolling cracks and tooth fractures. The appearance of tooth surface cracks directly leads to the scrapping of the slewing ring. The occurrence of rolling cracks will accelerate the damage of the slewing ring and greatly reduce the service life of the slewing ring.

2Gear type:Outer gear/Inner gear/No gear
3.Code of installation hole type:
A:Both rings with bolt holes
B:Both rings with scew holes
C:Outer ring with screw holes,inner rings with bolt holes
D:Outer ring with bolt holes,inner ring with screw holes
4:Track center diameter:mm
5:Ball Diameter:mm
6:Classification code of Gear Module
A:big Module
B:small Module
7:Classification of Precision Grade"
A:Precision Grade
B:Normal Grade
Construction equipment: Tower Crane, Excavators, Drilling equipment, Concrete pumps, Compacting machines, Graders
Lifting and handling: Telehandlers, Reachstackers, Aerial platforms, Forestry machines
Process industry: Pulp and paper, Botting, Packaging
Marine: Thrusters, Deck cranes, Winches, Loading arms
Power generation: Wind turbines, Solar panels
Others: Antennas, Water treatment, Mixers

1-1 After painting the anti-corrosion oil,the slewing ring is wrapped by the inner layer of plastic film and outer layer of plastic sheeting.The products can be fixed on wooden
cases according to customers' requirments..also the inner and outer rings are fixed by small pieces of wooden pads.

1-2 Slewing ring must be carefully loaded and unloaded.kept horizontal in transporation and storage,also in dry environment.Hoisting must be processed by ring screw horizontally without hitting,especially axial hitting.The surface of slewing ring is painted by anti-corrosion oil and the warranty of anti-corrsion is six monts.if the products is stored more than 6 years,the slewing ring and the spare parts should be packed and painted again or you can contact our service department