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Nanjing Suntay Steel Co.,Ltd 86-138-55514957
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We focus on Steel Wire Cable, Galvanized Steel Wire Strand, Galvanized Steel Wire, Galvanized Guy Wire products and so on

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China Nanjing Suntay Steel Co.,Ltd

Nanjing Suntay Steel Co.,Ltd

Nanjing Suntay Steel Co.,Ltd is the main manufacturer and exporter which specializes in various of steel wire products, such as Galvanized steel wire& strand, Aluminum clad steel wire &strand, ACSR ,ACS , PC Steel Wire& Strand etc. We have flexible manufacturing abilities and can offer high quality mechanical products at a very competitive price because we have combined workshops with advanced machines, like MFL and technology in this line etc. With years overseas business experience with our global clients from USA, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Vietnam, Australia, Philippines ,Malaysia, Middle East, Colombia, Kenya, Egypt ,Argentina ,South Korea, Japan, Angola, Venezuela, Ghana, Nigeria, Jordan and other countries and areas etc ,we have gained rich technical experience as well as earned a good ...

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